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Grasso: Beyond The Paint


Grasso: Beyond the Paint is the cinematic fruition of two unique artistic minds: filmmaker Frank Weiss and painter Victor Grasso. 
Described by its director as a hybrid, the project blends both traditional documentary narrative and artistic cinema. It parts the curtain to reveal a glimpse of the man behind the work – while capturing on film the essence of the Cape May, N.J. artist’s one-of-a-kind creative vision.
It includes a one-on-one interview with Ocean City, N.J. painter Frank Kallop as well as contributions from Grasso’s mentors, models, collaborators, admirers, family members and competitors. Cape May area musicians performed for the soundtrack.
A portrait of one of New Jersey’s most provocative artists, Grasso: Beyond the Paint is enlightening, inspiring and entertaining.

For more information and purchasing the film visit the link below.

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